Carpenteria California Escape

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Exterior Front - A view of this house, looking into the living room from the beach. The architectural context of this house is of one central core of ribbed limestone flanked by two structural volumes of mahogany, glass, and steel. Looking inside you see how the structures play against one another to create a continuous dialog of intersecting arcs and a very beautiful sense of fluid motion.

Entry Hall - The moment you enter this house, you see the first suggestion of what you are about to experience, crisp clean lines of modern architecture softened by furniture from another era. The French Louis XVI canapé is upholstered in the fashion of Syrie Maugham, using contrasting panels of tomato and cream silk. The canapé floats on the stark creamy white wall, crowned by a vintage gilt starburst convex mirror.

Gallery - From this angle, looking down the main gallery toward the living room, you are able to fully appreciate the awesome effect of the architecture. This is one place where all of the elements collide in a ballet of strength and grace. The stoic ribbed limestone wall is at peace with it’s collection of fine California impressionist art.

Gallery Alcove - A central cross core of the house links the kitchen to the hall and into a serene sitting alcove. The cut volume of mahogany cabinetry houses many of the houses storage and utilitarian needs such as the powder room, laundry, and butler’s pantry.

Living Room - The oval rug was created to give the illusion of depth. The small radius of the near edge pulls you into the room, as the rug increases in size. The main sitting area focuses on the custom fireplace fashioned as a vintage California long board carved from solid mahogany. The angle of the living room gives one the sense of being on a steam ship, as you look out over the Pacific Ocean. In the distance, you can see the Channel Islands. Many a day, you can sit and watch a parade of dolphins, pelicans, and whales.

Living Room - From this angle, you can see all of the spacial complexities of the architecture. The furnishings are kept to a minimum. The furniture has clean lines, so as not to compete with the structure itself. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool were perfect choices to complete the synergy of the space.

Dining Room/Living Room - Accessories always play an important role when decorating a home. The use of unexpected elements always makes for an interesting composition. The antique wooden dowel and metal chandelier above the dining table in juxtaposition to the avant-garde period candle sconces above the fireplace are to this design what a pair of diamond drop earrings and necklace would be to simple black evening dress.

Family Room - Comfort is the main goal when designing a family room. First and last rule for a successful family room, comfort.

Family Room - From this angle, looking toward the gallery, you can see how the main core of the house, the mahogany cut volume, intersects the space. A passageway is created that moves toward the front entrance to finish as its narrowest point.

Kitchen - Function before form is the key to any successful space, but in this kitchen it’s the rule.

Butler’s Pantry - Doesn't everybody need a pantry with 700 cubic feet of storage that looks like this?

Master Bedroom - The master bedroom suite, complete with fireplace (not shown) consists of the bedroom, master bathroom, dressing room, and private loft studio. The custom king size bed is flanked by coordinating custom night stands. The antique tortoiseshell and yew wood cabinet was purchased at auction from Sotheby's. The master bathroom and dressing room lie beyond the spiral staircase that leads up to the private loft studio.

Loft Office - A private loft studio, with a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean, floats above the master bedroom. A wonderful Craftsman partners desk and chair, from Sotheby's, fit perfectly in the space.

Master Bathroom - The custom cabinets in all of the bathrooms are fabricated in mahogany, glass, and stainless steel.

Guest Bedroom - In the guest bedroom, you can look out toward the Pacific Ocean from your bed while enjoying the warmth of a blazing fire. The chaise and reading light create a perfect place to lie down and read, as the sun sets over your shoulder.