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white sage benefits

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White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a plant native to high desert ecosystems and grows prevalently in California and in the Mountain West. Swirl the smoke around the object until you feel the cleansing is complete. Smudge sticks are one of … Want to learn more about other clearing methods? ; Over recent years, studies demonstrating the health benefits of sage have grown in number. For centuries sage has been one of the most popular ingredients for herbal medicines around the world. If you’d like to smudge yourself, or your home, CLICK HERE to read my other article about tea and smudging. So I want you to open your mind and think about this. Soothes Digestive Distress A cold cup of white sage tea can relieve indigestion. It creates a calming ritual that helps to release the stagnant energy that can breed negativity. But white sage actually contains “thujone” which is an interesting mild psychoactive compound (found in many plants) and it’s connected to spiritual rituals. 11 Incredible Health Benefits of White Sage 1. Let’s look at the health benefits so we know why millions of people are purchasing sage and burning it in their homes and as part of their wellness rituals. Native Americans started the tradition of using White Sage, also known as Sacred Sage, to release lingering energies. While there are numerous types of sage in the world today, the most popular by far is white sage (S. apiana). It’s on the stronger side, not soft or flowery. As the smoke falls to the floor, it 'drops out' any negativity energy with it. Aromatherapy. Cultures across the planet have relied on it to achieve a state of mental healing or to solve spiritual dilemmas, and there’s some scientific evidence to back this up. Avoid wearing billowy clothing and tie back long hair. If it is a living being, just remember to ask permission. Start at the bottom of your body and gently waft the smoke upward. (The strongest-smelling product comes from the western fringes of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.) If you are just planning to burn Sage for clearing around yourself, I prefer to use loose Sage, and in this case, you only need a leaf. You may have heard of Clary Sage or it’s respective essential oil. So in summary, burning white sage, or drinking white sage tea contains cineole (the same compound found in eucalyptus) and this can help dry you up, and help you breathe. If you watch the smoke, sometimes it will drift to a particular part of the room, car, or person - that is usually where the healing/protection energy is most needed. If you are smudging a house, a wand of Sage might be best. If you are smudging an object used for protection, such as a crystal that you wear and have asked it to absorb negative energies, you will want to cleanse this object periodically to make sure it is fully functioning. Using Sage to clear can be helpful after grieving, between clients and after emotional releases. Its medical applications are quite numerous. Sage is part of the mint family, alongside oregano, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and basil. Notice how the room feels different - lighter, clearer, airier. Breastfeeding women are advised to take the tea as it reduces lactation. They intuitively opened cabinets, closet doors and got under their own beds. You can ask Sage to assist you in cleansing unknown energies from a stone, or an object that you received as a gift. 3 Benefits of White Sage (And the Right Ways to Use It) Physical Healing. Calms a Sore Throat Sage leaf tea is a proven strategy for alleviating a sore throat, at least according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Guide. Sage tea as you know will reduce mucous secretions of the sinuses, throat, and lungs. 9. If you are smudging a person, you may only need to use a leaf. White Sage can be found in local stores or online. Get a free meditation when you sign-up for updates! It may help relieve the symptoms of some conditions. White Sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, release spirits, encourage protection. The Benefits And Uses of White Sage White sage smudging is an ancient practice used for healing, ceremonial, and energy clearing work. How To Use White Sage. A 2007 STUDY found that burning sage for an hour reduced the levels of bacteria in the air by 94 percent, and this benefit lasted for 24 hours. Next, offer your friend a smudging. It’s just a dried plant, that when burned, it gives off an aroma that many people find pleasing, but some do not. Do use your intuition to guide the process and don't be afraid to come up with your own technique. Use a heatproof bowl to put the Sage in, after it has been ignited. Lavender brings in a sense of peace and calm while White Sage removes any negative or stressed energies. As you smudge, move from the bottom and to the top of the space, following the natural pattern of smoke. Article: Benefits And Uses Of White Sage. This way, you can decide if you like the size of the bundle or amount in person. As a plant and a living being, Sage has a Spirit. Since it has mild diuretic effects,... 3. Cleans the Air Sage is kind of like an eraser, it will help remove the day’s burdens and ease emotional suffering. Many healers believe that when working with a Plant Spirit, they will guide you on how to use it, and I agree with this. Again, it’s the 1,8-Cineole (which you get from white sage or eucalyptus herb), that controls the swelling to some degree. The fact that it has this drying effect on mucous membranes, means it could help women to reduce lactation during the weaning process, and also heavy menses. Ceremonial purposes Burning sage has long been a used as a way to connect with the spiritual realm. And as you smudge, you will likely feel called to open a back door and clear the energy there, and just follow your own guide. Discover the incredible benefits of burning sage for purification, mindfulness, negativity and more Learn how to use white sage for smudging Guided steps on how to sage a house, sage yourself and sage an object ....and much more! Once the Sage is lit, and the flame is blown out, the wand or the leaf will smoke. 11. For each different type of smudging process, follow the instructions below -. Sage bundles are popular these days, but are these dried herb bundles little more than a convincing gimmick, or do they offer real advantages for your health? Some prefer to use an abalone shell, but abalone is endangered, so any piece of thick, fired pottery is beautiful and just elegant. White sage is known to clear out any negative energies from your space. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Burning white sage or smudging is well known for its ability to purify and cleanse. You can find White Sage bundles on Amazon, under the names "White Sage Smudge," but if you can find it locally, I generally recommend that. If you work in nursing homes, clinics or hospitals, you might want to go home and smudge yourself to help deter infection from pathogens that hitched a ride on your clothes. However you do it, it’s the compound called “eucalyptol” also known as 1,8-cineole that when inhaled, reduces painful sinus inflammation. This herb is loaded with calcium and vitamin A, which protect your skin against the assault of free radicals and aid in daily cell regenerati… Seal the window by completing the "loop," making sure the smoke is wafted over the entire window frame. If you’d like, you can certainly pray while you burn the medicine. It may also ease the discomfort associated with certain menopausal symptoms such as … You’re just burning plant leaves rather than swallowing the supplement. Allow the smoke to penetrate the rooms for at least 15-minutes. Two to three cups a day would have an impact, but much more beyond that and you might start to dehydrate yourself. For thousands of years, white sage has been believed to be a blessed, sacred, cleansing, cathartic, purifying and protective plant. Since it has mild diuretic effects, it could be used for mild hypertension. If you are doing a property, having a large stick of White Sage is useful. This is a sacred, entered space, and anything that no longer serves is released with this sacred smoke. I’ll talk about the details behind sage’s purported health benefits in this article so you can make up your own mind whether you want to it. If you are using a leaf, you can set it down in a bowl or hold an ash bowl under it. It’s also a common tool that many spiritual practitioners and seekers use today to energetically clear and even protect spaces. Other forms of sage can also be used for the smudge stick but the scent will be different and the cleansing effect maybe not quite as pronounced as with white sage. Loving and peaceful energy is welcome and invited in now. If you are naturally sensitive to the energy put out by those around you, sage might lessen the impact of overwhelming or depleting people. 8. Another one you may recognize is opium, ephedra and yet another psilocybin. Soothes Digestive Distress. White sage is often compared to. According to USDA, white sage decreasse sweating, salivation, milk secretions, and mucous secretions of the sinuses, throat, and lungs.In women, it reduces heavy menstruation when the leaves are made into a uterine hemostatic tea and drank. Sacred Sage can amplify any clearing and protective techniques that you are already using. Overview Information Sage is an herb. When I was smudging a house recently, a few children were present and wanted to help. Light the Sage at the very tips of the leaves on top of the wand. For this reason, sage has long been essential for ceremonies to seek blessings and prosperity, or to ward off negativity and is widely used in modern homes for people of all religions and ancestries. There are many varieties of Salvia, so you want to make sure you have the right one for this practice. You know your space better than anyone. (Some bundles sold commercially combine the two herbs and it’s very nice, but it will make a tired person even more sleepy). Wild harvesting is a good option, but careful of over-harvesting and make sure to avoid over picked areas. It may kill the associated pathogens too! So if you have children or others present and feel comfortable invite them in the process if they want to be involved, it takes less time when more people sage, especially if the property is large. Photo of sage bundles and incense by Ricky Turner on Unsplash. Drinking white sage tea may ease heavy and painful menstrual periods. I’m just giving you a new way to extract the medicine from a plant, by burning it, and this practice is referred to as smudging. You can smudge to help you clear a room, a building, or a property. Sacred Sage can amplify any clearing and protective techniques that you are already using. Upon completing all rooms, open the windows and doors to release the energies that have attached to the smoke. Inflammation of your sinuses happens when you suffer with bacterial, fungal, or viral contamination that leads to infections most of the time. 10 Signs Your Pet Is Visiting You From The Afterlife, The Spiritual Meaning Of Lights Flickering, Angels And Colors: Symbolism Of The 7 Most Common Angelic Light Colors, 10 Most Common Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones, What Happens After Death? White sage is regarded as a sacred plant by the Chumash people. Treats Sinus Infections. Part of the beauty of this compound is that it can clear mucus and act as a very mild cough suppressant. Native Americans have used white sage for its medicinal properties for centuries. Sage can keep your skin healthy and beautiful Its plant derived chemical compounds, essential oils, and vitamins make it beneficial in skin care in the following ways. 10. Also, the herb is used to cleanse the aura of a person from old energies as well as cause healing when taken as a tea. White Sage is just like every other herbal remedy you’ve heard of. Here’s some EVIDENCE in case you are interested in reading how this plant can activate receptors in the brain, the GABA ones that are responsible for improving mood and reducing stress. You can consume herbs as a dietary supplement (think ginger, echinacea or dandelion)… you can drink tea from the plant (think chamomile or coffee), or you can apply an herb as a compress (think of calendula). Photo of incense stick with green objects and a book in the background by Annie Spratt on Unsplash. People today still burn tobacco, or cedar, and/or sage plants (when the herb is dried). Afterglobe Pack of 6 Thick White Sage Smudge Sticks for Spiritual Cleansing and Cleaning of air | Purify the Energy in your Home and Clear Negativity 4.3 out of 5 stars 52 £14.99£14.99 Get it Thursday, Sep 10 This medicinal and ever-spiritual helping herb is one of the greatest gifts of knowledge passed down by the Native Americans. Any gust of wind could further ignite the Sage and blow sparks and ashes out of the bowl. Most people, including myself, choose to burn it to release the healing energy it carries into the space around us. Do not let it flame burn. Smudging is the quickest way because when you inhale, the compounds go straight to your bloodstream and brain. White Sage can assist you in releasing energies and thought forms from yourself or another that no longer serves you. Place the lit, smoking end of the Sage wand, down inside the bowl, and rest the sides of the wand on the edge of the bowl. Click HERE to see. Image of a smudge by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash. You can read more about this practice HERE. Remember to repeat your mantra or prayer of intention you have one. White sage smudge benefits White sage is equally effective in the purification of places, before and/or after a ceremony, or following painful episodes such as a quarrel in a specific environment. Native Americans started the tradition of using White Sage, also known as Sacred Sage, to release lingering energies. Possesses Antimicrobial Properties It turns out that sage may help clear the air of … After you light the Sage, do not stop it from burning. White sage sticks can be burnt for many reasons including moving into a new home, after a period of illness, star Move through the space you are in, intuitively until you complete all rooms. It’s all medicine! Enjoying the wisdom of nature with healing herbs BREATHER smoking blends allow you to enjoy the wisdom of the natural world. Let’s look at the benefits of White Sage. If you opt for this, make sure that your sage bundle doesn’t have any lavender which is sedating. When shopping locally, look for the common names such as White Sage Smudge Stick, California White Sage or South Dakota White Sage. The stick work overpowers other herb sticks including the white sage in its protective, cleansing and decluttering powers. Helps Boost Energy Levels Ridding your body and surrounding spaces of bad energy can help you welcome in newer, fresher, and more positive energy instead. White Sage can assist with energetically cleansing and resetting a space. It may help with mild anxiety or depression. Sage … You can find loose leaf Sage on Amazon, too: - You can find a wand or stick of White Sage on Amazon here: Loose Leaf White Sage by Juniper Ridge (Amazon). If someone is smudging you, turn around in a circle, and ask them to smudge you, from feet to head on all sides. I think some people mistakenly assume you can get high off sage, but you can’t. It even kills the bacteria that triggers the infection in the first place according to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Make sure you buy Sage that was grown and harvested intentionally, and without pesticides. Make sure to get all the rooms, and if you have a room with cabinets - open the cabinets and waft smoke into them the way you would for a window. Everyone has a process. Smudging is the quickest way because when you inhale, the compounds go straight to your bloodstream and brain. 7. White Sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, release spirits, encourage protection. You are now done with this room. Treats Sinus Infections You can inhale the aroma given off a burning white sage bundle for a few minutes, or you can drink it as a tea. White sage, also known botanically as S. apiana contains a lot of incredible medicinal compounds. In a way, the plant can have an energizing effect and perhaps even fight off feelings of fatigue. If you were to extract both of their oils (and these are commercially available), both sage varieties happen to have a pale yellow-green color, but white sage has a strong earthy scent, while clary sage has a sweeter more pleasant aroma (this is my opinion). These have antifungal and antibacterial functions. The spirit of White Sage knows just how much needs to be released and will burn accordingly. Lavender & White Sage Smudge Bundles are perfect for a stressful home. You can distill them and inhale the essential oil. ← How You Can Get The Most Out Of A Mediumship Reading. Choose one room to begin in. As the smoke moves through the room or over a surface, the smoke attaches itself to any heavy, negative energy that is within the space, object, or being. They enjoyed it. Its leaves are whitish light green, and if the leaves are rubbed between the thumb and forefinger, you feel a revitalizing, cleansing and refreshing fragrance is released. If you would like to learn more about smudging, CLICK HERE to read my other article, How to Smudge with White Sage. Even the oil from white sage has great benefits. While both of these sage plants come from the same evergreen family of shrubs, they have different medicinal actions on the body. Sage or it’s respective essential oil. The antioxidants in sage reverse the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Welcome to The Spiritual Living Blog, featuring 650+ free articles. Check out my Space Clearing eBook, it covers smoke, sound and light clearing, part of the Welcome Kit when you join The Membership Program. Slowly unbend and straighten up, you are bringing the Sage/bowl and fanning the smoke up, up, upward until you’ve sent the smudging smoke up above your head. If you have a crystal or a piece of jewelry given to you, or anything else that you want to cleanse, hold it in your hand if it's small enough, if it's not, stand in front of it. Start in one corner of the room and gently waft the smoke from the floor up to the ceiling. Historically, people have used sage internally and topically as a … I also want to emphasize that white sage is a medicinal herb that could help everyone, and it’s not just for new agers, and its benefits were put on Earth for all to utilize.

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